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Online Flowdancing New Moon Deeper listening

6. juni 2024

Adresse: online via zoom,

Flowdancing - New Moon Deeper Listening



Tuesday 6 June 2024 (New Moon Deeper Listening)

from 20:15 to 21:45 via zoom


The light under the full moon has at all time been associated with new visions and even wildness.

We and the water are affected by the moon.

Forces are pulling and being moved.

We can see with new perspective, where we discover ourselves and the essence of life through sensation and the flow of water.

The New Moon calls for a different energy in us. Now we will have more space for rejuvenation and deeper listening /deep feminine.

During our session we will create a container for inner connection, movement, embodiment, listening, healthy waiting, curiosity, discovery, freedom, birthing and being


Cost: 200 NOK drop-in

Flowdancing is a guided dance medicine journey using movements, meditation, imagery, poetry, archetypes, metaphor, intention and music to enter a state of deep embodiment. 

Move into the now - fully, consciously and as you truly mean it.

This is what connects us with the resources of life, deep meaning, empowerment, fulfillment and joy.  

The session starts with a short meditation in the community. Then we enter our own dance meditation journey. The flow will awaken all the elements and in particular the water. And the first part is dedicated to embodiment. The last part is an invitation to dive into the mystical, hidden dimensions. This part includes deep rest/dreamtime space. By the end we gather again in our community with the possibility to share from your journey or simply to sit in silence receiving others in their sharing. 


The zoom room opens at 20:05 so that you can come and settle in.

If you want, you can bring a flower, a candle, essential oil, a feather, water, a stone, a picture or other symbolic objects to create a ceremonial space for yourself.



Flowdancing is:

- meditation because it shifts my consciousness

- medicine because it harmonizes stress and stuck emotions

- a mediator because it offers me a space of exploration in all dimensions

- a medium because I can ride the wave of energy with it


The course is guided by Unni Heim


Warmly Welcome!

Read more about flowdancing here: Flowdancing homepage (kartra.com)



Flowdancing 6 June: 200 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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