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Biodanza for children & youth with Alejandro Balbi Toro ~ Ekstension training for teachers & educators

Fra 18. oktober 2024
til 20. oktober 2024

Adresse: Oslo,

Extension training Biodanza for children & youth

with Alejandro Balbi Toro (Argentina/Belgium)

Organized by Norsk Biodanzaskole (Rolando Toro System School for Biodanza - Norway)

Friday 18 October 11-20
Saturday 19 October 11-20
Sunday 20 October 11-15

Oslo region

It is with lots of enthusiasm that we invite you to the teachers training "Biodanza for Children & Youth" in Norway, Oslo region. 

To facilitate the traning we have invited Alejandro Balbi Toro from Argentina, living in Belgium. He is one of the world leading biodanza teachers in general, and in particular for children & youth. 

Read Alejandro's own words:

"It is a pleasure to address you on this occasion and extend an invitation to participate in a specialized training program in Biodanza for children and young people.
My name is Alejandro Balbi Toro, and for over 20 years, I have dedicated myself to working with children and young people, teaching classes in various schools and countries. Through these experiences, I have witnessed the transformative power of Biodanza in the lives of the younger generation, and it is with great enthusiasm that I extend this invitation to you.
Biodanza for children and young people aims not only to stimulate creativity and affectivity but also to foster an interest in studies, allowing each individual to find what motivates them in life in a playful and enjoyable manner. This unique approach seeks to create a space where children and young people can explore and express their emotions, develop social skills, and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and others.
The training is scheduled for three days, from Friday to Sunday, and will take place in Oslo, organized by the renowned Norwegian school led by Paola Havill & Unni Heim.
The content of the training, covering theories, practical experiences, and texts, will be delivered in English to ensure a comprehensive and accessible understanding.
This is a unique opportunity to expand your skills as Biodanza teachers and contribute to the well-being and development of children and young people through this wonderful discipline.
I encourage you to join us on this journey of discovery and shared growth.
We look forward to welcoming you and benefiting from your presence and contribution in this enriching experience.
With enthusiasm,
Alejandro Balbi Toro"

Who can participate: 

Biodanza teachers and everyone that have partivipating and done the first two years of a biodanza school

Also people that are educators or facilitators working already with children or youth, but do not know biodanza can participate. You will not get the diploma but it will give you lots of nutrition for you everyday work with children. 


3600 NOK

To sign in please pay the deposit of 300 NOK to secure your place.



Deposit: 300 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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